We tend to serve intentional couples with sentimental love stories. 


If you - like many of our couples - have a beautiful love story, you deserve both timeless portraits and candid photos that highlight heartfelt moments of the day. As photographers, our goal is to communicate what life was really like for the two of you during this season. 

We know the value of capturing the most sentimental moments in a life spent together.

After 10 years of dating and pandemic postponements, our wedding was definitely a long time coming. Finally, in 2021, AJ (the other half of Holly Marie Photography, and my partner in business + life) and I finally had our own “big day.”

It was an absolutely beautiful day– exactly how I pictured it. Our friends, family, and vendors worked so hard to make sure everything was completely perfect– and it was. 

Except for one thing: how I felt.  

To put it bluntly, I did not have a good time. 

Maybe it’s because – as a couple of high school sweethearts–

“It's the best day ever!” 
“Aren't you SO excited?”
“You're going to remember this forever!”
(and the big one) "It's your day!" 

But it didn't feel like it. 

I wish I had been better prepared for the overwhelm. I wish I had known how to ask for the support I needed. I wish I’d had someone I could share these less-than-positive feelings with. 

People kept saying to me:

We’re committed to serving our couples by doing so much more than taking pretty pictures. 

But one good thing came out of my experience…

we're on a mission

see the experience

Our goal is to serve you as the supportive, caring vendor we wish we’d had on our wedding day. We’re going to provide you with authentic resources and needed support– outside the scope of photography. Because when you’re prepared for the possibility of your less-than-happy feelings, you won’t be blindsided by them. 

Instead, you’ll feel safe to feel those feelings. You’ll feel loved and heard. You’ll feel supported by the people closest to you AND by your vendors, with whom you have a relationship built on trust, respect, and encouragement. 

This is more than possible with the right vendors. 
It’s imperative for good memories.

why this matters so much to us

Because how you feel on your wedding day - whether supported or overwhelmed - is what you're going to remember most. 








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