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In one study, nearly half of the participants claimed to experience post-wedding depression, with some participants reporting clinical levels of depression.

But we believe positive change starts with us. 

Unfortunately, for too many years, toxic positivity and the pursuit of perfection have been an expected part of the wedding industry, but it’s done nothing but compound couples' stress and anxiety.  

It’s not uncommon for couples to deal with depression and anxiety – on the “best day of their lives” – even if hardly anyone is talking about this. 

And it could happen for a lot of reasons. Perhaps it’s sadness from hurt feelings, an unexpected overwhelm from a process you thought would be fun and easy, or depression from loss of control over a day that was supposed to be your day. 

For years, couples dealing with these issues have suffered in silence. 

As a relationship-focused photography duo, we’re committed to helping engaged couples level their expectations, set boundaries with their families, and learn how to ask for the support they need. 

We’re not going to promise you your “best day ever,” but we’ll do our part to give you a day you feel the most supported, loved, and taken care of.

We’ve been in a long-term relationship since high school so there’s no commitment-phobia here. 
We’re so crazy about commitment,  

we even wrote some vows from us to you:

Wedding planning and the actual wedding day can be hella stressful. We promise to never ignore your negative feelings, and become a safe space for you, supporting you in whatever way you need us to.

Feeling safe, loved, and supported by other people on your wedding day is so vital for good memories– and we believe those people include your vendors.

We vow to...

Make your mental well-being our top priority. 

Build a relationship of trust, respect, and support. 

As photographers, we continue to do the work of communicating what life was really like for the two of you during this season of your lives. 

Provide a mix of timeless portraits and candid photos that highlight the heartfelt moments of the day.

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Your Wedding Day Highlight Reel

Our Most Popular Add-On

Our bite-sized videos offer a glimpse into the day with a series of lovely moving moments. Our couples LOVE that they’re perfect for social media sharing and reminiscing throughout the years to come. 

more info on video

First things first: let's make sure your date is still free! In order to give as much love and attention to each of our couples, we only take on ten weddings per year.

Then it’s time to meet. We want to make sure you feel safe and supported in our working relationship, so this first meeting is imperative.

Most of our couples have really cool love stories, so we’ll want to hear all about it. The little things tell us so much about who you are as a couple and as individuals. 

The First Date

Once your date is booked, we’re going to be here for you in the way that you need us to be. Our relationship is personalized to your needs, so we’ll learn what those are for you. 

And if you’re looking for extra support, we’ll be here with advice, encouragement, and the resources you’ve been craving. Preferred vendor lists, exclusive newsletters, quizzes, and questionnaires - but more importantly, we’ll give you help for those “not-talked about” topics like, how to ask for the support you need, how to delegate tasks, how to tell people NO, and how to prepare for the unexpected. 

Our Relationship

The (second) most important part of our time together! Your complimentary engagement shoot is not only a memory-making bonus, but it also gives us a chance to continue getting comfortable with each other before your wedding day. We’ll capture your looks of love and have some fun while doing it. 

The Engagement Session

As the big day approaches, you might start feeling nervous or overwhelmed. That’s totally normal! My job is to give you one less thing to worry about– maybe more! I’ll help however I can. 

On your wedding day, we’ll be there to capture your good memories in the perfect, dreamy light. We’re not going to promise you your “best day ever,” but we’ll do our part to give you a day you feel the most supported, loved, and taken care of.

Your Wedding Day

In the month after your big day, the goodies from us will start to roll in. Early on, you’ll get sneak peeks of our favorites, and soon the full gallery of photos will be on its way. Then we’ll get to work on your album. 

The Goodies

Maternity + Family Sessions

Available as mini sessions exclusively To Our Wedding Couples

Yep. Our support for you doesn’t end after your wedding day. Maternity, first week, and family sessions are exclusively available for all of our wedding couples. We’d love to celebrate the big and small moments with you as you continue to grow your family. Think of us as your photographer for life. 

Once a year, we do host mini sessions available to everyone on our email list. Sign up below to get first dibs and updates on dates and locations.

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To the half who is the supportive, encouraging and validating force in the relationship, AJ wrote a note just for you:

If you're the AJ, not the holly

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