Getting Ready for Guys Groom Groomsman Bridal Party Ma Maison

AJ’s Side: What “Getting Ready” Looks Like

Getting Ready for Guys Groom Groomsman Bridal Party Ma Maison

Hey y’all! AJ here, to talk about the guys side of the getting ready process. As Holly touched on last week, creating the perfect getting ready photos can be an exercise in patience and preparation. Holly sums it up well when she says that, “while we love the candid stuff, some of the best images can sometimes need a little coaching to turn them into beautiful memories.”It also helps if you (the groom) know what to expect, what my role will be for the day, and have a good understanding of the most important attributes of our time together. These are all suggestions and guidelines – all wedding days (and all groomsmen parties) are different, so don’t feel pigeonholed by anything outlined here! We’re just here to help, and we too want your day to be as stress-free, relaxed, and fun as possible.

Getting Ready for Guys Groom Groomsman Bridal Party Best Man

When Holly and I arrive at your venue or getting ready location, we typically have a 10-minute sync, and then it’s straight to the respective bridal parties! You’ll definitely have a timeline with some space laid out for “boys getting ready,” so expect me to show up around then. Guys don’t take long to get dressed, so the groomsmen are typically getting their finishing touches done when I arrive. This will allow me to get to know you and your groomsmen, assess the situation, and snap a few pics.

Getting Ready for Guys Groom Groomsman Bridal Party Ma Maison

I am not there to be in the way or be a burden. For the most part, I might just sit on the couch and hang with y’all. I’ve been known to tell a joke or two to break the ice. I’ll be sure that we get the important stuff (tying ties, putting on boutonnieres, etc.), but it won’t take long, and y’all won’t have to feel like someone is constantly watching you.

Getting Ready for Guys Groom Groomsman Bridal Party Ma Maison Tux

The most important thing to me is that this time is low-pressure. There are enough things happening on a wedding day; we don’t need to add a list of responsibilities to your plate. I just want to hang out with you and your guys, in a comfortable setting, and for y’all to be yourselves. The more y’all are just being yourselves, the easier my job will be, and the less you’ll even notice I’m there. It’s a perfect cycle.

Getting Ready for Guys Groom Groomsman Bridal Details

More important than documenting what you and your groomsmen are up to, I’m there to be your personal hype-man. I also love to be a resource regarding groom duties and timeline questions (because this most likely is your first time as the groom at a wedding), and a quick relay of information from the separated halves of the bridal parties. The best wedding photos come from being confident, relaxed, and excited, and I’m there to help make sure you’re all three!

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