Am I Doing a Bridal Session? | VLOG

We’re on a bridal kick this week, so it’s time I share my thoughts on whether or not I’m going to do bridals!! 

Watch the video below to hear my thoughts and what I’m planning!

Here are some of the highlights!

Surprisingly (not) I decided a long time ago I wanted to have a bridal session. Mostly for the same reasons I tell my brides to! 

The number one thing I’m looking forward to is getting a chance to move around in my dress, get a feel for how it moves and how I can move in it.

I don’t know about y’all but I have never in my life worn a gown before so I’m sure there’s a bit of a learning curve!

And after seeing myself in it feeling more confident in it! Also – like most of my #HMbrides, I’m psyched to get all glammed up!! You can bet that I’m using my #bridecard when I can!!!!

So now what I’m thinking I want to do: 

I want it to be fun more than anything else. I feel like something super soft, glam, etc. is just not very me. Ironically, even though I’m in the wedding industry having my bridals at a wedding venue also does not feel like me!

My plan right now is to look into some other mediums for inspiration. Maybe some fashion posts, look into brand shoots by some of my favorite brands. Like gal meets glam! I want to just live inside some of their shoots, especially by the pool.

If I had thousands of dollars to throw around, I would fly us all out to palm springs and have a shoot by a pool somewhere like Julia Engle. I’d pose with a cocktail by a palm tree and give my best bridechilla chuckle.

But I dream.

ANYWAY – since AJ and I are getting married outside Austin city limits, I think it’s important that my bridals are super ~Austin!~ after all it’s so important to us and our story. 

I have a few ideas – place that i love and cute locations that would be awesome. But I’m really scared of getting my dress super dirty…

If you’re married or have had your bridals, drop me a comment below on how dirty your dress got and if it was salvageable! Help calm my fears!

I’m super stoked to have my photog bestie Paige Vaughn shooting my bridals because I know we’re just going to have a BLAST and theres no way they’ll be stuffy or anything I’m not! 

The bad news: I won’t be able to share any specifics until after May because I need to keep my dress under wraps! AJ and I do everything together so I need just one thing I can surprise him with!!!

That said, I’ll update as best and as much as I can…! 🙂 Stay tuned!


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