Barr Mansion Wedding | Austin, TX

Barr Mansion Wedding in Austin, TX

Sarah & Taylor

Barr Mansion Wedding

This is Sarah and Taylor, aka the cutest and coolest couple around. We have been long anticipating their wedding day. Especially since their cool af engagement session at The Otis hotel in downtown Austin.

Let’s focus on the small details at their Barr Mansion wedding.

Sarah told me the details are was what mattered most, and especially the people and connection they represent.

The champagne flutes were gifted to them by Taylor’s NaNa for our engagement weeks before she passed. And the mirror our seating chart is on was brought back from her home in Illinois after she passed.

The ring Sarah wore on her right hand is her mom’s 10 year anniversary ring, and the sapphire bracelet was given to her aunt by her uncle who recently passed. Sarah said they played a big role on helping raise her.

Taylor’s tux has their wedding date stitched on the inside of the jacket, and their favors are wildflower seeds.

And the most thoughtful thing – Ever since they moved into their house, when Taylor goes to HEB every Sunday, he brings Sarah home flowers. Every single Sunday. Even if he’s traveling, he will have them delivered.

So, at their first look he brought her a bouquet of flowers just like he always has.

Sarah just made me cry when she told me about working with me and AJ:

“From the very first phone call, it clicked. We knew we had found the duo to capture our wedding day with as much care, love, and passion that we had for each other. During our first introductory phone call, Holly truly took an interest in us as a couple. Her excitement and kindness radiated through the phone, and that’s all we needed to feel at ease and reinvigorate our own excitement for the wedding planning process.

Our wedding day was a blur, but it was the best day of our lives. We are so thankful to Holly and AJ for sharing in our day. I don’t have the words to express how much we have loved our time and experience with them both. While I have only seen a handful of our sneak peaks, I know we made the best decision in hiring both Holly and AJ to help us relive our wedding day over and over again.

It seems so small and not significant enough, but thank you both.”

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