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HM Favs: 2020 Planning Tools

Hellloooooo Happy Monday friends! 

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and you’re PSYCHED that we’re 16 (sixteen) days til Christmas?! I’ve just barely put my tree up, I need to get my butt in gear.

Alright so what are we doing here today? This is a new little thing that I am pumped about. I’ve had this nugget of an idea in my head for months now but hi here I am finally doing it! 

This little series will be simply my favorite things in my life currently that I just love so much I want to share with you! Pretty much exactly like me loving my couples so much I have to share them with you too! :) 

So when I deliver galleries to my beautiful adorable couples, I have a folder first called “HM Favs”. These are the photos that are near and dear to my heart and simply my favorite!

This little series will be simply my favorite things in my life currently that I just love so much I want to share with you! Pretty much exactly like me loving my couples so much I have to share them with you too! 🙂 

This week, and to kick things off I want to share all my favorite office things that are getting me hype for 2020!! 

Clear Acrylic Wall Calendar 

Y’all know I’m a planning junkie and I love to plan ahead almost more than I love actually doing the things I plan for…! 

Recently I decided I needed a big calendar that I can put due dates and important to dos on. Even with my planner, I still am not able to keep my month or even week top of mind some times! I have to double check it a lot.

In my hunt for a large calendar I immediately fell in love with acrylic ones and being able to use wet-erase markers! I love filling things in and getting to DIY a little bit. 

This one from Girl Friday is the one I ended up with!! I got the large version with black hardware. It looks so great on my wall and it’s been really easy to swap out the months so far! I love that it has a todo list on it too. 

Girl Friday acrylic calendar! Click through to find my favorite planning tools to get hype for 2020!

Power Sheets

This will be my second year using Power Sheets goal planner and I am never looking back! I’ve tried a lot of journals, daily/monthly/what have you, aimed towards goal planning and self care. This is the only one that I’ve consistently kept up with.

It’s specific enough at the start to really lay a foundation. Laura Casey (the head of Cultivate What Matters) is all about finding the why and the root of your goals, which helps you stay motivated no matter where your goals are at.

It goes monthly and by seasons, and gives you a tending list every month of daily/weekly/monthly todos and rituals. 

My favorite thing is going back through the months and seeing how things have progressed! You can’t really note progress if you don’t write things down ya know. 

Also – this year they’re hard cover and sooo nice. I’m really excited to crack it open and start planning 2020!!! 

Leaders in Heels

I stumbled upon this company recently and I’m currently obsessed. They have such a wonderful Also the founder has a corgi, so we already have that in common 🙂 

Here’s the thing: tbh I have not broken into yet. I just ordered and it’s on its way !! I got the Make Your Mark self coaching journal! I’m really excited to pair it with my power sheets and be extremely intentional in the new year. Because this is me when I think about running HMP:

If I didn’t already have and love my Erin Condren planner, I would 100% give their Make it Happen planners a try. First off, they’re gorgeous! Anything snazzy in gold foil I’m already super into.

Make your Mark self coaching journal from Leaders in Heels

From their site:

“Our Make It Happen planners were designed for women who are always on the go. They have weekly quotes from leaders and innovators focusing on productivity, determination, resilience, and getting things done.”


Le Pens

Okay my last and final fav for this week (!) is something so simple, yet so frickin important to all of my other favs listed!


I have tried about a million different pens out there. Granted, none of the extremely expensive or elusive kinds. Mainly your papermate, your sharpie, etc. etc.

AJ lovingly gifted me some Triplus Fineliner ones for valentines this year (swoon) which I love because there are literally 36 colors so I can never get bored.

BUT as a back up, he had bought Le Pens and decided to return them. But once I saw them I was like GIMMIE and that is the story of how I have a bag of like 50 pens I carry around with me.

Anyway – these are by far the best pens I have ever used!! First off – they do no bleed. Total necesity, especially in my planner. They still give a real rich, deep line though. Very similar to sharpie pens, how they write so smooth. BUT they don’t bleed like sharpies!

Secondly, they have the best colors in my opinion!! My pack had about 12 but they were all super unique colors in addition to your standard black, blues and reds!

The very best part of these though is how they’ve stayed in tact. With fine tip pens we all know that over time the tip can wear basically all the way down until it’s impossible to write with (my main complaint with the Fineliner pens mentioned above)

But I’ve been using these consistently for like ten months now and they’re still fine and strong!!!

So there you have it friends!

We are twenty three days til the new year…! How are you planning ahead for it? I’m such a planner and organization junkie and I would love to hear what tips or tools you’re using! 

Tell me in the comments below!

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