If there were ever a perfect South Austin Family Session, this would be it! I love their family session outfits, even little Hayden who is almost 3!

Fall Family Session Outfit Tips

Fall Family Session Outfit Tips: Holly Marie Photography

Did you hear the news?

HMP will be offering Fall Mini Sessions for the first time this year! We’re excited to open these up to see our favorite families in front of our cameras again and meet so many wonderful new ones!

Only a select number of spots will be available and booking starts later this week! You can get first dibs (and a discount code!) by signing up here!

Fall Family Session Outfit Tips

I want to start out by saying the number one thing is that you feel comfortable! I promise it is not worth it if your outfits make you feel self conscious. Especially if there’s an element you know you’ll be messing with or worried about for the duration of your session. It’s just not worth it!

The best thing I can advise is planning ahead of time and thoroughly enough that during your session, you can relax knowing you did everything you can and you look great! The best way to do this is to plan your outfits way in advance

We provide all our mini session clients with a HMP Style Guide to help prep them for their session! If you’re curious about our mini sessions, you can find more info here!  Booking will go live later this week, so stay tuned for that!

Now let’s dive into how to plan your fall mini session outfit!

The Colors

Different photographers have ideas on what looks best on camera. I’ll say it again, the number one thing is that you feel comfortable! 

After that, the goal for coordinating a family’s outfits is to have a visual variety of colors and shades. It’s 2019, and we want to stray away from those early 2000s portraits where every family member matches to a T.

The more you can mix all the colors up, the better you’ll appear as a group! If you stick to two main complementary colors, you can create a visual consistency that will look coherent, but not too matchy. Cam, Leslie and Hayden did a perfect job with their fall family session outfit!

Fall Family Session Outfit Tips: Holly Marie Photography

Our favorite color combos err on the side of bright, pastels mixed with deep complementary colors. We love blush and navy, a classic combo that’s easy to shop for! Within blush and navy, you can pull out nude colors, softer blues like chambray and khaki! 

Remember, the goal is to visually break up all the colors and highlight each person and their individual personality. If you’re planning your families outfits, start with mom’s dress, and then build the rest of the family’s outfits based on that.

More on Coordinating the Looks

As you work through your family outfits, it’s important to think of outfits as fitting together a group, meaning that pieces are similar and complementary, but that they don’t specifically ‘match’. Matching can sometimes evoke a more dated, JC Penny Photo Booth style look, and it can be better to think about everything ‘fitting’ together in style of clothing and overall color scheme rather than specifically matching. This also will allow some of everyone’s personality to shine through in their unique choices!

Fall Family Session Outfit Tips: Holly Marie Photography

Mixing Up the Pieces

In cases with multiple children, don’t feel pressured to put them in the same type of clothing or the same outfit. For example, if one of your daughters wears a dress and flats, the other can wear a skirt and boots, if that’s more of her vibe! If one son wants to wear a tie, it’s okay if the other wants to roll up his sleeves. Mixing up the wardrobe pieces will bring even more visual interest to the photos.

Where to shop:

Here are a list of my most recommended places to shop, both online and local to Austin!


Morning Lavender


Rent the Runway 


For Mom, Dad, + Littles

Rylee + Cru




Olivia Shoppe (both online and on Bee Caves)

Alexa James


To get all the details on booking your family session with HMP, sign up here!

Booking will go live later this week and will be on a first come, first serve basis. Spots are limited, so be sure to sign up!

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