Let’s Cut the Cake

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May 16th 2019.

On this day last year, the morning of our 7 year anniversary, I woke up to AJ leaving for work and telling me to open my present after I left.

It was a record player.  Something he boasts now about being juuuust big enough that I don’t suspect anything else.

That record player is still sitting in its box. It was very obviously overshadowed. 

I went through this entire “styled anniversary shoot” none the wiser. AJ was about ready to pass out towards the end and I still had no idea. Until Paige’s voice changed when she said “Holly, turn around.” and it all hit me all at once.

It’s happening. We’re leaving our season of high school days, of long distance, of uncertainty, of hardships, of simply boyfriend/girlfriend. To high school sweethearts, to life partners, to soulmates, to husband and wife. It was the best day of my life.

When we left dinner that night and said goodbye to all of our closest friends and family, I told AJ I think my life had peaked.

Now here we are, a year later. We’ve taken our time, soaking up the brief season as fiancés, and taking the practice of a slow burn that has defined our relationship so well.

A year from today, we’ll be married.

I want to invite you all to come along with us during this next year, during the highs and lows of the crazy that is planning a wedding.

So let’s round up our friends and family.

Let’s head out to the middle of the Texas Hill Country.

Let’s give promises to each other.

Let’s boogie down that aisle.

Let’s dance our first dance.

Let’s cut the cake.

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