McKinney Falls Engagement Session

See Ashleigh & Connor’s Engagement Session Video!

McKinney Falls Engagement Session

Ashleigh & Connor

Ashleigh and Connor live in Louisiana, and when we were talking about their trip up to Austin, Ashleigh said they knew they were looking for a fun, outdoor place.

These two definitely wanted a fun and playful vibe. They came ready to laugh, stroll down the rocks of McKinney Falls and get their feet wet!

I will never ever forget Ashleigh telling me Connor proposed to her in a field of sunflowers…! They’re her favorite flowers! That scene sounds straight out of a Rom Com!!

When we asked Ashleigh and Connor what they’re most excited for, they simply said having an unforgettable day. They’re most looking forward to hearing each other’s vows, because they’re writing their own! I’m already packing tissues…hand written vows always get me!

Especially after meeting these two in person and seeing their personalities. Connor is always trying to make Ashleigh laugh. Their love is so fun and genuine, and their smiles laughs are contagious!

Ashleigh was rocking a brand new dress in my favorite color and looked absolutely stunning! She took a trip to Blo Dry Bar before hand…! I love them over there, they always treat you so well and make you look gorgeous!

We had an absolute blast with these two! I’m so happy and grateful that they drove up to Texas and we got to spend an evening with them!

While it was hot as heck down here, their wedding is in January 2020! I’m pretty sure we’ll have cold weather, but I guess you never know! It’ll for sure be cooler than it was for this session!

Below are some of my favorites from the day! I just love their smiles! The ones at the end when we got in the water are my favorite!! Thanks for dipping your toes in, y’all!

  1. Sherry and David Cadiere says:

    Outstanding pictures. Our Granddaughter is so beautiful and she is marrying a truly loving man. We couldn’t be more happy for them.♥️

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