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Our Wedding Plans for 2020

Well hellooo there friend and welcome back to Let’s Cut the Cake!

This is our series on AJ and I’s journey planning our own wedding as a pair of wedding photographers! It’s called Let’s Cut the Cake because that’s what AJ and I will be doing on May 16th, 2020!! Can’t wait to have you all along on this crazy long, messy path that is actually planning a wedding.

How do two wedding photographers plan their wedding? Find out on Let's Cut the Cake!

What’s next for us when it comes to wedding planning??

WOW it has been quite the year. I can’t believe it was only this past May that I launched Let’s Cut the Cake…and I really can’t believe we’ve been engaged for a year and a half now!

This year has been crazy in terms of growing up – for both of us individually and in our relationship. I would not even recognize the people we were last year. 

So because this is my last and final LCC post of 2019, I want to end on a high note.

All of the new and exciting things we have cooking for 2020!

I’ll be sharing all of these next year with you, and I want to give you a little update too to see where we are! Here’s everything we have going on, and then me as a bride and AJ as a groom too:

2020 Plans for Us (aka HayJay)

We’re going on a venue visit later in January with Ashley our planner, Paige our photographer, and Abbie our florist! I’m so excited to see it again and visualize things with everybody! 🙂 

We have decided our dessert situation and we’re looking at options for bakers! AJ is allergic to gluten so this is a biggie!! Luckily there are a lot of really talented bakers in Austin so we don’t have to worry too much about that 🙂 

Invitations are high on the list! We’re out in Fredericksburg remember, which might be a big-small town to me but it is still very small. There aren’t a whole lot of accommodating accommodations, so we’re trying to get our gusts to book hotels and air BnB’s ASAP! Part of that is sending out invites ASAP! 🙂 

I’m really pumped to find a design that fits our vibe and is super cool! I’ve been talking to Ashley about envelopes and REALLY fun things like that…! I can’t wait!

2020 Plans for Me:

I’m picking up my wedding dress on Friday…! I’m so excited and also nervous. Back when I found it in August I was like yeah that’s four months from now? I’ll definitely be able to stay in shape but here we are…most thanksgiving approaching on Christmas. And I’m worried.

I have my wedding shoes that I’m really psyched about! And now they’re gonna fit into my details and everything 🙂 

Most of what I’ve got going on is involving my bridesmaids!! I truly am the luckiest girl in the whole world to have friends like them. We’ve decided on our bachelorette ideas and next step is planning the bridal shower! 

We’ve also all been talking dresses!!! I’m really excited to share with y’all what we’re cooking up for colors and things! Everyone has been super on board and equally excited which is all a bride could ask for 🙂 

I have officially found my hair and make up artist!!! I’m so stuck on what I’m going to do with my hair though, I’m totally clueless. I’m hoping when I do my trial if I show lots of examples of stuff and really explain how much of a nuisance my hair can be, we can find something that’ll work great! 

2020 Plans for AJ:

I’m writing up AJ’s to do list because the end of the year work for him means he has like zero time 🙂 So hi, it’s still me!

AJ’s got just two major things approaching: his bachelor party and his tux rental! 

Luckily his cousin and best man is a genius and is going to find the perfect place for everyone to go! They’re going to have such a good time and it’s going to be very AJ 🙂 

We have agreed on ~black tie optional~ because in all honesty this will probably be the only time in my life we can all get really dressed up and party hard so…why not!?

That means tuxes for AJ and all his groomsmen! Luckily there are a ton of great options for him and his guys. Some of the places even give the grooms’ rental for free if he has enough groomsmen who rent! So that’s neat.

So there you have it friends!!

All of the wonderful and exciting things that are coming in our next FIVE months of wedding planning! I cannot believe how close we are…! It still doesn’t feel real!!! Aren’t we still just juniors in high school waiting to be adults?? Time flies I suppose.

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