Red Ridge Receptions Wedding

Kelsey & Jake

“You know, Jake hasn’t cried once since I’ve known him.” Kelsey was confiding in AJ and I, just minutes before their first touch. “Apparently, he hasn’t cried in his whole life,” she continued. Kelsey stood, freshly in her dress, giddy with anticipation, waiting for Jake’s fingers to brush hers on the other side of the bridal suite door.

The lead-up to this moment was basically a classic Texan love story. Kelsey’s first interaction with Jake was on the two-stepping dance floor at a bar in Lubbock; her freshman year at Texas Tech. He asked her to dance, and SHE REFUSED! She thought surely, with his confidence and dance moves, he must be a player. But he wasn’t – he only had eyes for her that night – and after a few more requests, she agreed to dance with him, and they’ve been together ever since!

Now, Jake stood on the other side of that bridal suite door, taking a moment to compose himself. He told AJ that his nerves had been building all morning. He had a letter prepared to read to Kelsey, and he wasn’t sure that he could get it out. When their fingers finally met, a rush of emotion gripped the room. They held hands tightly, closed their eyes, and then read their letters to one another; expressing every desire for their future together. And yes, Jake did tear up while reading his letter to her.

Later that night they two-stepped like they did when they first met, but this time surrounded by their big families and close friends. They closing out the night with a private last dance to Neon Moon, before being showered with flower petals as their family and friends cheered them on, and sent them off.

Cheers to the new Mr. & Mrs. Gustainis!

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