8 Months: New Home Tour!

Hi folks! Happy fall! I’m so happy to invite you back in to our home to see what we’ve changed! For reference, you can see our very first home tour from back when we moved in here. I love to see the before and afters and see how things have developed!

We have officially been in our little brick baby for eight months which is crazy to me for both sides. I can’t believe it’s already been almost a year as homeowners. But it also feels like we’ve been there forever!? So how has it only been eight months? Aiyaiyai. 

Our home projects have been slow to come. It turns out you can’t put all your time and energy into wedding planning, running a business, and home renovations all at once! What a lesson to learn. 

This little house update is mainly going to be our biggest space, the living room / dining room / kitchen area, because it’s what’s changed the most! I also consider it to be my favorite room. It’s technically Pebbles’ room (and she doesn’t let us forget it, especially when we leave out things she could chew, we’re basically gifting them to her) so obviously I love hanging out with my bunny baby!

The back half of the house – both bathrooms, our bedroom, my office, and our guest bedroom – has had quite a few changes as well but they’re still all a work in progress! Our guest room no longer has a half blown up mattress living in it and now has a real life bed! Hurray! Our sweet friends from out of town, bless them, have stuck it out from sleeping on the blow up mattress in the middle of our tiny living room in our tiny apartment, to now having a real room and a real bed!

The main home improvements I wanted to make ASAP were:

  1. Getting rid of the ugly metal cart the bane of my existence.
  2. Replacing the cart with a bar.
  3. Hanging up shelves by our kitchen window.
  4. Setting up a gallery wall around our TV.
  5. Finding a record player table! 

Of course the list goes on and on and on…but in between electrical issues (just found out we need a whole new breaker box, cool cool), a fridge on the fritz, and a plain old broken dryer, these are the ones we have gotten to!

Now for the pictures 🙂 

Now here’s the re-cap of AJ’s birthday / our first house warming party!

First off, the theme was Magnum P.I. I should probably mention that before moving forward…! 🙂 Here’s sweet chubby Turbo greeting you at the door.

I’m so happy with our set up! It was such a great time!! Despite the sort of awkward flow of our one giant room, the space filled up pretty evenly! It also forced people out of the kitchen because there just literally is not enough space. Overall, 10/10 would throw another party in our home 🙂 🙂

Next week I’ll be sharing all the little things we did to decorate for fall! Stay tuned!

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