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Reflecting on 2020: Year in Review at Holly Marie Photography Austin Wedding Photographer
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HMP Year in Review: 2020 Reflect A love note, a candid thank you, to you Oh 2020, a curveball like nothing I hope any of us have to deal with ever again. Two things I am so eternally grateful for and constantly thanking my lucky stars over:  One – we totally survived postponements and reschedules […]

HMP 2020 Year in Review | Austin Wedding Photographer

Biz News

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Hello again friends! The last time I wrote about this, I thought I had totally gone through the grieving period and was doing A-OKAY! Surprise, the grieving stages do not make a neat little path that you walk down and don’t go back through. And GUESS WHAT the pandemic has virtually stayed the same. cool cool […]

Postponing Our Wedding (again)

Lets Cut the Cake

Come take a look inside our South Austin home! A mix of eclectic, fun, colorful, bright, and soo many plants! Here's our latest house update featuring all the big and lil changes, and what's to come. Wish you were here! #hometour #atxlife
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Our South Austin Home – Mid 2020 update It’s been so long since I’ve had you in our cute little South Austin home and I’m so excited to show you around!  You can see our last home tour here! It was from last September, which was really the last time we made any big changes.  […]

Come Inside our South Austin Home!

Our Home

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I’m so grateful to have the very best friends on the planet who would put other things on hold to celebrate me for the day. I’m so lucky they’re going to stand up next to me and be there for me during this whole stressful journey! They (besides AJ – of course but feel like […]

My Tropical Backyard Dream Bridal Shower!

Lets Cut the Cake

Click through to read about how I decided what to wear for our DC engagement session! Shot by: Paige Vaughn Photo
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Holly, How incredibly quickly things change. And exponentially, too. Lots of changes this year – you’ve changed more this year than every other year I’ve known you, probably combined. I know this is cheesy – and no, these aren’t my vows – but it felt like just yesterday that we were in high school. Driving […]

A Letter to Holly on Her Birthday, 2020