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A Letter to Holly on Her Birthday, 2020


How incredibly quickly things change. And exponentially, too. Lots of changes this year – you’ve changed more this year than every other year I’ve known you, probably combined.

I know this is cheesy – and no, these aren’t my vows – but it felt like just yesterday that we were in high school. Driving around Austin in your parents minivan (RIP). Experiencing our formative years together. Our whole life together has been a whirlwind, but seeing what this is “all about” becomes clearer every day.

I think you’re starting to reach your full potential. It’s truly been incredible to watch. I have a unique lens on this because we’ve been side by side – either physically, or talking on the phone for hours and exchanging hundreds (maybe thousands) of texts per day – for almost nine years now. I’ve seen every stage of your personal growth as an adult and none has been more impressive, personally, professionally, or otherwise, than the ways that you’ve changed over this past year.

You did things (casually, I might add) this year, like going on freaking TV, or starting to create your own video content, that if someone had told me four or five years ago that you would do, I’d be highly skeptical.

All this to say: you aren’t the same person you were at the beginning of this year of your life. Even in the midst of huge personal shifts – buying a house, launching a rebrand, PLANNING A WEDDING, and your most successful professional year ever – you really grew exponentially, and you’ve come out of a difficult year better and stronger in every possible way.

Every single year, I look forward to the following even more. That’s no different this year. I’m so impressed by you – every single day – and cannot wait to see what you do in this next year of your life.

Happy birthday, and I love you.


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