Addison Grove Engagement Session | Brandon & Jenny

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon in April and we were on our way to one of our favorite breweries in the Hill Country to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was a hot but pleasant day, there were lots and lots of dogs out (ideal as always) with their families and it was a general good time celebrating our friend Jenny. We love Jester King because it’s wide, open spaces mean that Turbo’s barking can dissipate gently into the winds. The beer is pretty good too. We’re enjoying spending time with our friends at Jester King, but, as all birthdays go, we were all secretly waiting patiently for the cake. We’d noticed that Jenny and her boyfriend Brandon were acting a little funny as they pulled the cake out of a Whole Foods bag, and to everyone’s surprise “WE’RE ENGAGED!” was written in the icing!!! When Jenny then pulled a ring out of her romper pocket, everybody went crazy! Of course, they’re such a perfect couple that it made perfect sense.

Fast forward six months later, we’re shooting their engagement photos at Addison Grove and their wedding is only a year away! Even on a cloudy, dreary Sunday, we were able to get some awesome shots from the lovebirds under the cover of the beautiful oak trees. We almost suggested pictures with the grazing longhorns that they have as next door neighbors (I just love those longhorns), but we figured it’d be better to admire them from afar.

You’d think a couch in a field of weeds might be tough or boring to shoot, but Brandon and Jenny were total naturals and treated it just like their couch at home to give us the most warm, joyful, full of love photographs! Not to mention, we got that couch back inside literally 5 minutes before rain started coming down… talk about lucky!

We had so much fun with you, Brandon & Jenny. We cannot wait for your wedding day, it’s going to be filled with love, family, and friends. And knowing y’all – lots of fun!




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