A Letter to AJ on his Birthday (from Holly)

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This will be the eighth birthday of yours that I get to celebrate with you. Sometimes I like to put myself back in my 16 year old shoes, meeting you for the first time and falling head over heels for you. The night that we first hung out, I wrote in my diary all of these plans I had. I was going to date you, how we were going to get through college together, what living together would be like, I was going to marry you, what my wedding dress was going to look like, and on and on. And now (in my 24 year old shoes) it’s all happening. It’s all here in our little apartment with our fur babies, it’s there on the horizon. I can’t believe that this life I dreamt up with you is reality.

One of the things I cherish most about our relationship is our ability to go through ups and downs. This is our first year together that feels mostly full of ups. It marks our first year of living on our own as adults together, and the first few months of our chapter as fiancés. I really can’t imagine what things were like before you proposed. I know it’s really not that different, but it really shook my world in the best way.

I can’t believe all the new opportunities that are about to present themselves to you in this coming year. We’re going to be buying a house (how much more adult can you get??) and you’ve been excelling further and further in your job. You’re only turning 24. Twenty-four!! I can’t imagine what life will be like at 25 for us if this path continues. I can’t help but think our tough times during long distance (that’s still more than half of our relationship at this point!) are our karma that allow us to deserve this perfect time right now.

Every day I’m amazed by your drive, your charisma, and your ability to make everyone around you so happy. You’re my best friend and I’m so grateful for every moment we spend together. Now, my dream life with you is reality. But…it never hurts to try to manifest something so – my future dream life with you is having a big beautiful wedding and celebrating with everyone that we love, closing on a big beautiful house with a backyard for Turbo, and hopefully a big beautiful 6 car garage and so you can have every project car you’ve ever wanted.



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