Austin Riverplace Country Club Bridal Portraits | Alline

When I saw Alline on her wedding day, I was floored. One of the first things I asked her when I saw her: “Did it somehow get flufflier?!” While shooting her bridals, I was constantly in awe of her dress. It was impossibly full, and graceful, and flowing. Given what it looked like when I had seen her last, I couldn’t believe that her dress could get even bigger on her wedding day!! We last had seen each other just a few months before her big day. She had flowers that matched her bouquet, both cranberry and peach colored, and she wore them in her hair like a flowered tiara. She wore Keds under her gown, a necessity for where we were about to go exploring! She truly was a princess.

The views at River Place Country Club were absolutely breathtaking. The hills and greenery seemed to stretch for miles, creating a beautiful, textured background to complement the complex textures of her dress. I followed Alline and Erika her wedding coordinator (and friend!) around the greens of the course in our little golf carts. Confession: I had never driven one in my life and those hills were brutal! I was so scared I was going to flip mine over or bump right into them! It was a little bit fun, but mostly scary. I guess new experiences are a good thing. That crazy drive was worth it when we got to the top of the hill. The overlook seemed to go on for miles. It showcased what felt like all of West Austin and its rolling hills and thick forest cover. It felt like we were on the peak of a mountain

This session really painted the picture (no pun intended!) for the wedding day. Elegant, graceful, regal. Just like the bride herself.

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