Dreamy Texas Old Town Wedding | Alline + Mitchell

The string quartet played softly. The guests were holding back tears and taking it all in, along aisles lined with beautiful flower arrangements in shades of blue and deep red. White flower petals lined the aisle, leading up to a beautiful arch at Texas Old Town, overlaid with vine and flower. Alline’s dress dress flowed from her waist like water. It cascaded down in overlapping layers, creating beautiful motion. The effortless flows and layers of the dress moved and twisted in time with the the rise and fall of her breath. Her breath was heavy, and her eyes full of tears because she had just finished sharing her vows. He stood across from her, perfectly still and smiling, getting ready to recite his own vows back to her. Alline quickly grabbed his pocket square from his suit jacket to wipe away her tears to the crowds’ amusement. He happily let her take it. “What’s yours is mine,” joked Erika, their friend and officiant. He was proud of that pocket square, he had told me, he had folded it himself by dissecting a completed square and put it back together, step by step.

Mitchell is the type of man to show pride in his accomplishments, and he beamed with pride from the alter. It was clear that he felt this his life’s biggest accomplishment. The energy between Alline and Mitchell was electric. He made her laugh, non-stop, the duration of the day. Even when she stepped in ant piles during the first look, even when a huge yellow jacket somehow found itself caught in the layers of her dress (Texas weddings, y’all), even when the family was tough to corral for pictures, he kept her spirits up. It was clear that they never lost track of what they were there for: each other.

Alline and Mitchell, we have loved getting to know you over the past year. Your love for each other and for life is contagious. We wish you the best in this new season of your life. Never stop making each other laugh!



Holly & AJ




  1. Debbie & Hugo Isuani says:

    Absolutely beautiful, we pray God bless you both as you start your life together. You both were beaming with joy, it touches our hearts. Much love and all the support we can lend.

  2. Alexis Wynn says:

    So beautiful!

  3. Debbie & Hugo Isuani says:

    Absolutely beautiful, we pray God’s blessings as you start your lives together. You both seem to beam with love for one another, thank you for sharing these special moments with us. Much love and any support we can lend!

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