HM Highlight Reels - Austin Texas Wedding Photography + Videography

Austin Wedding Photography + Videography

HM Highlight Reels - Austin Texas Wedding Photography + Videography

HM Highlight Reels

Hello to the brand new year! It’s time to highlight one of our offerings! Let’s talk about how we decided to offer highlight reels and how they’re going to integrate into our current wedding photography workflow! Mkay? Mkay.

How HM Highlight Reels came to be

The first idea to offer videography in addition to photography came last year when we switched from Canon to Sony! The reason we switched initially was actually to start shooting video – but only for the HMP biz. I wanted to start doing vlogs, show some behind the scenes. Only that kind of stuff! It’s how my Tip Tuesday video series came to be!

I actually took a film as literature class alongside a black and white film photography class back in middle school! Those two classes I credit to everything creative I’ve fallen in love with throughout the years. And P.S. Back in middle school I really wanted to be a director of photography in movies…! So this is kind of a way to pursue all my dreams!!

I did a little bit of video high school as well as a part of the AV Club. But in college it was ALL about photography! As soon as AJ and I picked up cameras again and switched them from manual to video – everything I knew flooded back to me!

Photos can be so powerful but there’s something about video that conveys more emotion. That’s why we’ve decided to offer wedding photography + videography together!

Okay to hacky sack back to reality…And back to weddings specifically! We wanted to provide an extra something to our couples, because we love them so much and will never stop showering them with gifts!

But also because couples were telling us they wanted a short film of their big day, but didn’t have the time to find or vet an additional vendor. Budget was also an issue too! 

Our goals for videography

Our number one goal is to provide this to our couples with the same amount of love, celebration and intention that we put into photography. No matter what!

We also want to keep the costs low for our couples, and allow them to keep their vendor list (especially the ones following them around all day!) to a minimum.

My way to think about it is like moving pictures. For instance, here’s a snippet of a photo we took alongside a snippet from the highlight reel. See what I mean?

HM Highlight Reels - Austin Texas Wedding Photography + VideographyCamp Lucy Sacred Oaks Wedding

How our wedding photography + videography will work

Firstly, we took some hearty scheduling (my brides out there know how I love timelines!!) to maneuver AJ and I between photo and video. And sometimes both

In order to keep the cost low (one of our goals!) we are using mostly our own photography equipment that we already had! This is another way we can seamlessly integrate it into our wedding day photo workflow. So far it has been so rewarding to provide this additional gift to our couples! 

So here is how our HM Highlight reel will be:

Our videos will be a ~5 minute highlight reel set to a song. We want to capture the whole day in little moments, bringing your photo gallery to life!

It is not a feature film, or anything long. That is super important to repeat! We admire all of Austin’s videographers out there. And if it’s a feature film you’re wanting we have so many of them to recommend! Because an HMP Reel is more simple. It’s a video gift that you can share with your friends and family, and revisit to get all the feels from your day all over again! 

Have more questions? Ask them in the comments below or reach out and let’s set a double date!! 


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    THIS IS SO AMAZING and so are you and AJ! So excited about your highlight reels!

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