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HM Highlight Reels - Austin Texas Wedding Photography + Videography
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HM Highlight Reels Hello to the brand new year! It’s time to highlight one of our offerings! Let’s talk about how we decided to offer highlight reels and how they’re going to integrate into our current wedding photography workflow! Mkay? Mkay. How HM Highlight Reels came to be The first idea to offer videography in […]

Austin Wedding Photography + Videography

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Reflecting on 2020: Year in Review at Holly Marie Photography Austin Wedding Photographer
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HMP Year in Review: 2020 Reflect A love note, a candid thank you, to you Oh 2020, a curveball like nothing I hope any of us have to deal with ever again. Two things I am so eternally grateful for and constantly thanking my lucky stars over:  One – we totally survived postponements and reschedules […]

HMP 2020 Year in Review | Austin Wedding Photographer

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Holly Marie Photography on Studio512  Read more here! I’m so excited to share this with y’all!! Last Friday, I got to shoot a LIVE wedding on TV! Stuido512 hosted Makaela and Omar’s wedding ceremony in honor of Valentines Day! It was so sweet and heartfelt. They wrote their own vows and Rosie ordained the whole […]

HMP on Live TV!

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Let's talk 2020 goals! My goals for the new year are half to do with my wedding photography business and half to do with just me! Click to read and tell me about your goals for 2020 too!
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I can’t believe we’re so close to the new year!!! 2020 just feels like it’s going to be amazing, I couldn’t tell you why! This is a lengthy post so I’m just gonna just right into it! Changes a-comin’: Rebranding in February 2020: Over the last three months I’ve been working with Amanda from Carrylove […]

2020 Goals for HMP


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Hellooo, it’s Holly calling from beyond…aka busy season!! Things have been bonkers and I’ve been a little M.I.A. around here! There have even been weeks that I’ve been silent, and for that I’m sorry! Here’s a little catch up on what’s been going on in the HMP world! Mini Sessions For the first time this […]

HMP Fall Update!

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