HM Favs: Christmas Decor to Make our Home Cozy

Goood morning friends! I hope you’ve all already started relaxing for the holidays and have been able to take some time off ! ONE more week til the week of Christmas…! I can’t believe it!

So here is round two of our new series! If you missed last week’s you can see it here. This is a new little thing that I am pumped about. I’ve had this nugget of an idea in my head for months now but hi here I am finally doing it! 

So when I deliver galleries to my beautiful adorable couples, I have a folder first called “HM Favs”. These are the photos that are near and dear to my heart and simply my favorite!

This little series will be simply my favorite things in my life currently that I just love so much I want to share with you! Pretty much exactly like me loving my couples so much I have to share them with you too! 🙂 

In honor of it being NINE days til Christmas (wait what?!) I want to show you our Christmas decorations around our house and some of my favorite things!!

This is our first holiday season in our new home. We went from 600 square feet in a tiny on bedroom apartment to our three bedroom house! So while I did have a few Christmas decorations (like one tiny tree and LOTS OF TINSEL!!!) I needed much more!

Much like when I was shopping for fall (you can see our fall decor here!) I’m trying to remain in our regular home decor and not get anything that I feel is too trendy! I only want to buy pieces that I’ll love forever like I love our home aesthetic forever!

So with that said, here are all of my mid-mod, classic Christmas decor pieces that are my FAVS!!

Our Christmas Tree

Growing up, my family always went out and bought a brand new tree. My parents are still doing that to this day! 

Real Christmas trees smell good and look more lush for sure. But – they can be eaten by bun. So that was a no go.

Artificial trees you only have to buy once and you don’t have to throw them out the end of the year. And I have learned can still look lush!

I found King of Christmas tree from another blogger and I love it! They look so lush and it was super easy to set up. This is the one we got for black Friday! They have pre-lit ones too! BUT I like mine to be extra extra bright so I bought my own lights!

I ended up using two whole wheels of super long lights (ITS LIT), tinsel, and regular old ornaments from target. Looking forward to getting new ornaments with AJ that are sentimental!

Our tree topper is literally my favorite thing!! From here on etsy. Also just bought our wedding cake topper from them I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!

Here’s our tree really lit

Felt Garlands

AJ is jewish and my family is not super religious – so we’ll eventually do the whole Chrismukkah thing with our future kiddos!

He has spent every Christmas with my family since 2011! And we don’t have a very religious take on it. My family focuses on being together and celebrating the cozy and warm feelings around the holiday. So he’s very on board with me going all out decorating! 

So for right now my goal is to make all of our decorations not super Christmas-y. Which sounds impossible because they’re Christmas decorations!

But for example, I wanted a little garland I could hang across the piano and I found this etsy shop. They have so many cute ones! I opted for Joy versus Merry to keep on that idea ^!

I LOVE the peppermints. They also have a gingerbread one that is too cute!

Also – I have to shout out our first Menorah we got together!!! We found this one at West Elm and I’m in love with it! It’s so gorgeous! I’ve gotta get the right candles for it or else I would have a photo. I’ll be sharing it soon 🙂 Just six more days til Hanukkah!!! 

Big Retro Lights

These are hung up around archway outside and if we had a ladder tall enough they’d be all over the roof!

I also hung some up around our fireplace to make it extra cozy ! Next to a bottle brush tree and this little star thing I’m very into the whole set up!

These are my favorite accent lights because the colors are not too bright like LED ones can be. They look a bit retro and fit in with our vibe super well!

Here’s our Christmas corgi too if you’re interested 😉 He’s almost the same size as Turbo and so far they don’t like each other too much.

Dried Florals

My go-to decor pieces this year has been dried or preserved flowers for each season. In spring I was definitely getting fresh flowers all the time but it’s easier and more cost effective to get things that could last year to year!

I’ve been smitten for Afloral for a while – I use their real touch flowers in my wedding day detail box! Their flowers are really great quality and pretty affordable!

For my holiday decor, I got a whole bunch of Bunny Tail Grass and they are MY FAVORITE THING!

I fell in love with bunny tails after my friend Paige had them in her wedding bouquet! They are so sweet and pretty. I LOVE bouquets with texture – hers was amazing!!

It looks like they’re sold out of the plain white ones I have but they have PINK bunny tails which might be even better! 

So there you have it friends! My four favs for our Christmas decor this year! It’s all pretty simple stuff but I’m trying to not overload our decor stash all at once. Just little things here or there to help us be more cozy and get hype for Christmas!

How is your decorating going? I’d love to here little ways you’re making your home cozy this season!!

Tell me in the comments below!

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