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PLOT TWIST: Let’s Cut the Cake Update

Welcome back to Let’s Cut the Cake! This is our series on AJ and I planning our own wedding as a pair of wedding photographers! Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing our process and inviting you in on our decision making and witnessing trial + errors!

It’s called Let’s Cut the Cake because that’s what AJ and I will be doing on May 16th, 2020!! Can’t wait to have you all along on this crazy long, messy path that is actually planning a wedding.

Paige Vaughn Photo Anniversary ATX Engagement Session Surprise Proposal Story HMP Story of Us Long Center Confetti

PLOT TWIST: Six+ Months Away Update

WOW I just looked back at our old posts and would you believe I haven’t posted a wedding planning update in 3 months!? That may be either because it’s been crazy busy season around here. It may also be because we have totally put wedding planning on the back burner when it comes to our other priorities. Since AJ really started ramping up in his new job, adjusting to that has been our focus. He’s had to travel much more (including all the way to Singapore?!) and I’ve gotten to tag along a lot which is nice! I slowly feel myself becoming less of a homebody and enjoying traveling more. But honestly, only with AJ!

I touched more on how stressful things have been here. It’s probably not going to be the last time I bring it up because it has been a doozy and while it’s a new topic that’s been around lately, there’s definitely a stigma about not having a super blast with wedding planning. If you’re out there and you’re stressing more than having fun – I feel you and you’re not alone!!

That’s a long way to say that our own wedding planning has definitely not been top of mind. BUT we have been making progress that I’m excited to share with you!! We met with our planner Ashley from Much Ado Austin  to discuss fun things and logistics. We did eventually find a rehearsal dinner location (more on that later!) and I’ve been in talks with my bridesmaids about the bachelorette and color pallets and all the fun things!


What the heck is this big plot twist am I right!? I hope you didn’t get super psyched because while it’s not huge it was a decision we did not see coming!

Last time we chatted (we, like you and me) we had just booked our caterer. AJ is the foodie, so this was his rode0. Fajitas are like his favorite food in the world, so that was an easy decision! I always wanted a family style dinner, and since you build your fajita plate that was an easy match. Plus it’s really easy for all diets/picky eaters (me) to be fed. Me and my family are vegetarian (born and raised!!) so we did decide to get enchiladas as a veggie head only option. This excites me greatly.

When we had gone through the quotes and the options we had two contenders. We were between Foundation Foods and Root Cellar.

Root Cellar is down in San Marcos and before they opened up their catering biz it was just their delicious restaurant! I would make my parents take me there when they visited because it was SOOO GOOD and a little expensive for a college student 🙂

Foundation Foods is a newer catering company, started by Tiffany, who used to work at Whim and who Ashley knows personally! We were excited about trying them out as well! Whim is, ya know, Whim. They have been around for basically forever, their food is great and they’re super trustworthy! So we trusted Tiffany and were super excited to try it!

You can read all about our decision making here! We ultimately ended up with Root Cellar because of price and AJ’s fajita favorite! They both had queso and enchiladas so I was a happy clam with whatever AJ chose!

Foundation Foods Catering Austin Texas - How do a pair of wedding photographers decide on their caterer? We finally get to look past vendor meals! Click through to find out!

Okay now really here is the twist!

Ashley reached out to us late September with big news! Tiffany had some personnel changes within Foundation Foods and the new head chef is the old head chef from Whim. As in, now they’re the Whim crew but under Foundations…! VERY EXCITING! And she wanted to have us back for another tasting with this new chef!

It was amazing. AJ described them as “excellent, consistent, authentic, fresh, quality” (literally he just said those worst like that when I asked him). He said the fajitas were more flavorful and tastier. “So there were more flavors, and those flavors were better.” Thanks AJ 🙂

And switching meant I got to have my fried mac n cheese balls (shown above). Hallelujah. I am STOKED to shove like two (maybe three) of those in my mouth in between photos on my wedding day. Hell yeah.

So even though Foundation Foods was (a little) more expensive than Root Cellar, we bit the bullet and went with Foundations! I feel really good about this decision for two main reasons:

One: AJ is really happy. Food is so important to him, and the thought of him having food that is less than perfect on our wedding day breaks my heart. I’m so grateful we found something he’s super happy with and is excited to eat!! That’s the most important thing.

Two: This is our second vendor we’re booking that’s fairly new (in Tiffany’s case, not new to the wedding game! But new in business.) Our venue was brand new when we booked it last year too. There’s obviously a risk when you do that, but in my opinion it just means things are going to be better when our wedding day comes.

Does that make sense? Sunset Ranch was so new, their plants were still small and some things still needed to be filled in. But almost two years later? It’ll have big beautiful trees, new decor, new offerings, new things I can’t even think up myself! So if Foundations is new, I’m so excited to see all the new things they’re going to grow into! New rentals, new offerings. YAY! I just can’t wait!

So there you have it! Our very exciting plot twist of an update! 🙂 More things to come that I’ll share with y’all are my bachelorette plans, our florist (!) and floral plans, our rental plans, (linens and lounges, oh boy!), and some accesories I’m thinking of that I an definitely show y’all 😉

So YAY! Thank y’all again for coming along with us on this crazy planning journey! Having y’all excited about our plans gets me excited during the slumps. I’ll be sharing more soon – stay tuned!



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