Texas Hill Country Engagement Session | Taylor & Amy

Amy and her fiancé Taylor were patiently waiting for our direction. We had been through a lot together in the past hour and a half – three location changes, four outfit changes and some excitable pup wrangling – but their energy level and enthusiasm was nearly unmatched. The final picture was supposed to be celebratory champagne showers to commemorate the Houston Astros 2017 World Series Championship. Everything was in order. Taylor’s parents and Amy’s mom stood at the ready with backup bottles. Amy and Taylor had bottles that were heavily shaken and partially uncorked. They had loaded up with safety goggles from Amazon Prime because Amy thinks of everything. It was almost time. As AJ and I were setting up the shot and preparing to direct the happy couple…


Taylor’s cork, by sheer pressure alone, goes flying straight behind them, and a stream of champagne follows. Without missing a beat, Amy popped hers too and the party continued! After the champagne showers stopped, neither us nor their family could stop laughing. This spontaneous moment perfectly described the time that we spent with them and showed that they were ready for anything. We loved their creative spirit and their incredible positive attitudes – Amy had come prepared with all three distinct outfits, multiple scenarios and some ideas that she mentioned she’d gotten from our Bridal Guide, we were so touched! The fact that their moms and Taylor’s dad had all come to watch (and help throw confetti – it was a family affair!) didn’t scare them one bit! They were a blast to work with, full of laughter, and clearly excited for their wedding that’s now only two months away!!

Go ‘Stros!!!!

Taylor and Amy, thank you for inviting us into your parents’ backyard to have one of our most fun engagement shoots ever! Needless to say, we can’t wait to see all the other people whose lives you two have clearly impacted, and to join in on your upcoming Celebration. We’re so excited to have more fun with y’all in just a few short months!


Holly & AJ

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