Wedding Planning During COVID: Resources for Corona-Brides

These resources that have helped with wedding planning during COVID. Some of these included practical advice, some are about how to shift your mindset.

Wedding Planning During COVID: Resources for Corona-Brides

Two words: THIS SUCKS.

If you’re new around here – we are postponing our May 16th, 2020 wedding due to COVID-19 and trying to continue to plan amongst everything is terrible. We have been going through all this since March. (you can read about our decision making here.)

I certainly don’t have all the answers, not even close. But here are a list of articles and resources that have helped with wedding planning during COVID. Some of these included practical advice, some of them are just talking about how to shift your mindset.

My hope is that they are helpful to you during this crazy, terrible time! I’m sending you a big virtual hug, and a virtual cheers because us Corona-brides, we deserve all the cocktails right now.

The new age of weddings

The Future of Weddings After COVID-19 and What It Could Look Like

This article from The Knot is from back in May, but has a lot of concrete advice on how COVID is shifting wedding plans. It goes over the shift from tradition to this new normal. Catering, receptions, guest communication – it goes over it all!

One of the biggest breakthroughs in my own head was realizing, “oh we can just do things differently! In order to actually do the things!” 


How to sort of look into the future

COVID Wedding Calculator

This should give you a little bit of hope! This calculator created by With Joy is SO cool! You put in all of your current details, it asks some questions and then gives you advice on what might need to change. 

If you’re flexible to changing the events of your day (most importantly, probably your guest count) this would be really helpful!

Or, if your wedding is in 2021, it can give you some insight on what needs to change, if anything.  


Minimony, Micromony?? What are all these terms:

Minimonies, Microweddings, & Elopements: Weddings in the Age of Coronavirus

This article by The Budget Savvy Bride is a really simple guide to what all these types of weddings are. There are options out there if you’re planning on throwing your wedding during COVID! 

If you were ever considering a smaller intimate wedding, or even eloping, here is your sign it could be right for you! 

P.S. – this would also be really helpful when explaining to loved ones what you’re planning on doing. Our postponed date happened before all these terms were popular and I had to deem our nuptials as the “Lil Wedding”. Nobody knew what I meant. 


Thinking of a weekday wedding?

6 Reasons Why Weekday Weddings Rock

I’m sure you are seeing every single vendor and their mothers talking about how great weekday weddings are and imploring you to consider!

This quick article from Here Comes the Guide goes over all the ways you can really benefit from a weekday wedding! 

I remember watching Vanderpump Rules a couple years ago and thinking it was so weird that Katie and Tom got married on a Wednesday. But now I totally get it. 

Okay here I am talking to you as a bride – not a vendor. The very best reason you should consider this is MONEY!!! God forbid but if you have to hire a whole entire new vendor (hi, we had to do that!) you will put the smallest possible dent in your budget by opting for a weekday wedding. 

Something else to consider – things are WEIRD right now, and I think the possibility of guests being able to come on a weekday are higher. Most people are WFH, which means more flexibility to travel and stay longer. 

If there was ever a time that a weekday wedding wouldn’t be such an odd choice, now is the time!

We are most likely going to have to do a weekday wedding (third time’s a charm right?) So I will be sharing as much as I can on this! 


Insurance questions

Everything to Know About Wedding Insurance During COVID-19

Another article from The Knot! If you have or are considering insurance to cover postponements or cancels, this is for you. 

TLDR; if you previously purchased cancelation coverage, you might be covered. If you just purchased liability insurance, you are not covered. And if you purchase cancelation coverage now, you will not be covered for postponements/cancelations due to covid.


How to be a supportive bridesmaid/groomsmen/friend/family member right now

How to Support Friends who have Postponed their Wedding: A Complete Guide

Totally feel free to send the link to your over-interested MIL right now…!

Who knows what to say honestly. (Hint: don’t tell me love isn’t canceled…if I hear that one more time. That was never on the table.)

But this guide by Cortlyn Adams from Between the Pine is very thorough and those wanting to support you! 

These resources that have helped with wedding planning during COVID. Some of these included practical advice, some are about how to shift your mindset.

I hope these resources will help with all your wedding planning during COVID! I wish I had more answers for you, or more direction, but I’m going through it right with you!

If you want to read more about our wedding planning process, you can click here. And to see our Lil Wedding (which is was a Minimony? I think?) click here!

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