Here are 4 house plants I believe you cannot kill. Every beginner should start with at least one of these on this list! Click through to see my favorite!

HM Favs: House Plant Love

I don’t know about you…

But during all this home time we’re having right now my plants have been getting a lot of attention!

A few weeks ago it was house plant appreciation day and I completely missed it. I did appreciate and love on my plant babies but I didn’t give them a shoutout on the internet…so do I even appreciate them at all??

So here we are back at my new series! If you want to see all the latest HM Favs you can right here. This is a new little series that I am really pumped about. I’ve had this bean of an idea in my head for months now but YAY here I am finally doing it!

So when I deliver galleries to my beautiful adorable couples, I have a folder first called “HM Favs”. These are the photos that are near and dear to my heart and simply my favorite!

This little series will be simply my favorite things in my life currently that I just love so much I want to share with you! Pretty much exactly like me loving my couples so much I have to share them with you too! 🙂

Do you want to talk about house plants today? Because I want to talk about house plants today.

House Plant Care

I love my house plants like they are my own little plant babies. Here are all my favorite ways to love on them and see them grow big and strong!

Easy breezy plant pots

Disclaimer for all these favs: My real go-tos are really unglamorous and basic. I’ll share those too. But they’re not really my favorite, ya know?

SO my go-t0 for house plant pots are terra cotta. They’re really great for drainage – as in they can regulate themselves pretty well by absorbing the excess water. Not to mention they are suuuper cheap! You can find the tiny ones (perfect for propagated babies!!) for like 99 cents some places!! I’m kinda into the color currently but when I wasn’t they’re so easy to slap a coat of paint on.

Alright so that said – when I’m trying to be *cute* with my house plants, these are my favorite pots!

My favorite plant pot from Amazon

My big mama ivy has lived in the 12 inch one almost all her life and it drains soo good. I’ll be honest with you – I never udnerestand what it means when a pot is “self-watering”. I know some succulents and cacti are supposed to be watered from the bottom so they can soak up at the roots and not be bothered at the top. But?? If you know what that means and like it – hey this pot is self watering!

Anyway, they have quite a few sizes which is nice! They’re super sleek and could pass as ceramic if you’re far away. They fit nice on little plant stands too! Win win win in my book!

Moisture Control Soil

My mom will sometimes spoil me with this really nice soil: Happy Frog. It’s verrry nice and smells so good 🙂 But it’s a little expensive!

But my go-to and my favorite is this Moisture Control one! You can get it at Lowes for super cheap. I find my house planties do best in this soil for sure. Plus it can sit in my garage forever and I’ve had no issues with it getting gross or drying out!


Propagating Hanger

Okay so my non-fancy propagating go-to is just a glass or a topo chico bottle…Those work just fine I promise!

But my favorite this is this guy that my friend Paige got me for Christmas and it’s so fun to see them grow side by side! I love how they hang and they look so nice on my sill.

Having a little designated propagation station has encouraged me to always have things propagating! So when I plant one thing I can’t just let it sit empty. This means I’ll be able to reach my goal of a swimming through ivy trails much faster! 

This isn’t the one I have but it’s super similar and I think this one is so cool! It looks super easy to use too! 

Here are 4 house plants I believe you cannot kill. Every beginner should start with at least one of these on this list! Click through to see my favorite!

Extra favorite house plant things

My favorite places to get plants in Austin:

There are so many cute plant shops but a lot of them are way overpriced and simply do not care about plant care. I won’t name names but a friend told me she went to one and when she asked about how to care for the plant the person told her “We don’t do that.” Like what?? 

My favorites are The Natural Gardner, the farmers market (I got big mama ivy from the Barton Creek one three years ago!), Lowes, The Great Outdoors (its so fun to be there but I find them a little more $ than the Natural Gardner).

I haven’t bought anything online from like the Sill or places like that. Have you? Tell me how they shipped!!

My favorite house plant varieties:

  • IVIES, all kinds but specifically pothos, silver and marbled
  • Snake plants – so easy and so easy to propagate 
  • String of bananas – easier than string of pearls in my opinion and easier to find too
  • More of my favorites here: Fav Houseplants

There you have it friends!! Do you have any plant questions for me? 🙂 I’m certainly not an expert but I’m always happy to help! Or happy to ask my mom who is the plant genius in the family and I can relay the info…!

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