The Story of Us – Part One

Every couple has a love story, and one of our favorite parts of being wedding photographers is hearing new stories every day! Now we think it’s time for us to share ours. This is for you to get to know us – all about us – so that you can understand major milestones in our lives, and the impactful moments that have shaped us as people and as a team!

This is how it’s going to work: we will mutually agree on prompts, moments, or experiences to write about, and then we do it 100% separately. These are our totally unmitigated, non-agreed-upon perspectives on the various situations that have peppered our lives. We hope you enjoy!

The Story of Us: Part 1

The First Time We Met:

She said:

So I’m heading to class, crossing my fingers I’m not late, because being late to Algebra 2 meant having to sit at the half desk/half end table at the very front of the classroom. You can’t see the overhead projector, you can barely write notes because you can barely sit, and you definitely aren’t allowed to just sneak in quietly without everyone staring at you. Aaaaand I’m totally late.

When I walk in, I’m greeted with not only a pop quiz but also the news that the half desk was already occupied. I have to share this teeny tiny desk with some other late comer. Great! I look up and see that it’s AJ, the loud, obnoxious sophomore who Mr. Martinez already hates. Double great! Please don’t let him hate me by association.

I sneak to the front as quietly as possible.

I’m trying to hide how out of breath and embarrassed I am. Let me please just get through this stupid quiz and this stupid class without anymore attention on me.

I’m halfway done with the quiz when I notice AJ pretending to look at his G-Shock but really noticeably staring at my paper. If Mr. Martinez thinks I’m helping this kid cheat, I just know I’ll be permanently sat at this desk of shame. I would literally rather die than have to sit at the front of the class for the rest of the semester.

I cover up the equations I’ve got through, hand it in, and try to ignore him for the next hour. Unfortunately for me, his constant comments and jokes mean that everyone is staring up here the whole rest of class. If you’d have told me six months from then, I’d be constantly texting this kid and falling completely head over heels for him, honestly I’d think you were crazy.

He said:

I’m pretty sure Holly is going to tell you that the first time we noticed one another was in Mr. Martinez’ Algebra 2 class – that’s not true for a number of reasons. I’ll debunk those in a minute, but I’m going to start by going to go back a little farther.

The first time I remember noticing Holly was my freshman year at McCallum High School. We didn’t have any classes together (she was a sophomore), and I had a girlfriend at the time, but we had some mutual friends. The spring semester of my Freshman year, I remember passing Holly in the main hall – typically full of people – and asking my redheaded friend who she was.

I figured all redheads probably knew each other, and they were in the same grade. He knew her name, but said she was very shy and that he hadn’t talked to her much. Plus, he thought she might have had a bit of a crush on him. He thought that about everyone. All I knew I thought that she was cute, had beautiful hair, and some fantastic freckles. And that she had no idea who I was.

Jump forward to the first day my sophomore (her junior) year.

Pre-AP Algebra 2 with Mr. Martinez. I was so late to the first day of that class that there weren’t even any open desks, just a two by four foot table right next to the teacher’s whiteboard. And who should be sitting at that table that could really only fit one person? Holly, of course.

So I grabbed a chair, scooted up, and was promptly handed a pop quiz. This was also the point that I realized that I might not be cut out for the honors course, so maybe I could just take quick a peek at Holly’s paper.

My first direct observation of Holly’s personality: she did not take well to cheaters. She caught me almost immediately, and was quick to scoot away from me and cover her paper with her left hand. Good for her, too.

So while I may have succeeded in getting her to notice me, this wasn’t exactly the attention that I was looking for. And I’m still pretty sure she had no idea who I was, other than ‘that kid that tried to cheat on a worthless quiz and transferred to the regulars class three weeks later’. I could tell it would be a slow burn.


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