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Since AJ and I moved into our tiny South Lamar apartment last March, things have been in constant renovation! Home decor is one of those things that just never feels 100% done to me. I’m always swapping out pictures in frames, trying to DIY this and that, and planning the next trip to Ikea. And when I say “our tiny apartment”, I mean tiny. Between Turbo, Pebbles, AJ, and I we barely have a room to move around! One thing I really liked when we looked at this place, (in addition to the washer/dryer hookup – goodbye communal laundry, I don’t miss you at all), was that the dining area and the living room are sort of separate! In other words, we have little breakfast nook! We ended up get a too-big table for it, which I constantly tried to update (wish I could take that back…) and we ended up never sitting at. For months we talked about how nice it would be to move the desktop out of the bedroom and make a little office space just for me! At the beginning of the year, I decided it was finally time! One trip to Ikea, one from-Amazon desk update, and one episode of falling victim to Target later, and viola! I have a little office!

Two things I’ve learned from this mini-revamp: the environment you work in has a huge impact on your headspace. The only place this giant computer used to fit was in our room and let me tell you, it is hard to motivate yourself when your phone and your bed are less than a foot away from you (my DJ name would be Midday-napZ). I have been able to get so much work done being here. Especially when I get to look over at my little chubby bunny snoozing in the living room whenever I like! The other thing I’ve learned is that I’m now an expert at putting together cheap online furniture. So the next time you can’t put together that tall corner ladder shelf you ordered from Amazon, you know who to call.




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