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The Story of Us: Part Seven

Every couple has a love story, and one of our favorite parts of being wedding photographers is hearing new stories every day! Now we think it’s time for us to share ours. This is for you to get to know us – all about us – so that you can understand major milestones in our lives, and the impactful moments that have shaped us as people and as a team!

This is how it’s going to work: we will mutually agree on prompts, moments, or experiences to write about, and then we do it 100% separately. These are our totally unmitigated, non-agreed-upon perspectives on the various situations that have peppered our lives. We hope you enjoy!

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Cheers to the Future

husband wife wedding photographer austin texas

He said: 

Getting out of College Station and moving in together felt like a far-away dream for a long time. We’d spent weeks at a time at our respective college apartments. But they were just that, respective college apartments. A tough thing to make feel like a home. Only in December of 2016 (right around graduation) did it start getting more real. We finally succeeded in moving into an apartment together in March of 2017, and things came together like a dream. The apartment was perfect, management was great, and we were finally able to start building a genuine little homestead together.

husband wife wedding photographer austin texas

Holly has a great eye for decorating and I have a few must-haves (large TV, netted patio), and everything somehow came together in a cohesive, pleasant way. Well, I say ‘somehow’. I’m pretty sure Holly planned it a little more carefully than I realized or was privy to. To add to the happiness, this finally meant that neither of us ever had to leave Turbo again! I know it was tough for Holly when he was in College Station with me, so this was a welcome change. Plus, Pebbles now had a space to roam freely!

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Of course, building a home together is always an adjustment – I’m only consistently good at cleaning about 4 square feet, and Holly leaves her dishes in the sink, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


She said:

husband wife wedding photographer austin texas

Back in college when long distance was too tough, I would daydream about when AJ and I could move in together. I knew it was far out, he was a year younger than me so I would have to wait when I graduated. But we were already basically living together! During my last winter break, he came to San Marcos and lived with me for about a month and it was perfect! But my bubble burst when January came and he had to go back to College Station.

Having that small preview of the future made time move quicker. Two years later, AJ graduated and immediately came back to Austin. In three short months, we found a place of our own! A teeny tiny apartment in our favorite neighborhood. The dog park is huge and we can walk to Radio! We got to have our first trip to IKEA together as a real life adult couple to get furniture for our place.

husband wife wedding photographer austin texas

We naturally have opposing cleaning skills, which works in perfect harmony to either have a totally clean space or totally not. I always have a willing audience when I learn a new ukulele song, and AJ always has someone to listen about the car he saw on the road that day. We could not be more blessed with our little fur babies. They’ve bonded like siblings and we get to watch their funny interactions every day. These are the kinds of things I used to dream about. It’s only been about a year of this, but I’ve been waiting for it for so long, it feels like forever.

husband wife wedding photographer austin texas

Cheers to whatever the future may bring.



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